Transmitter for iPhone, iPad, iPod with 30 pin

Can’t bear the thought of parting with your Steve Jobs-era iPhone? Your gen 2 iPad just refuses to die?  Boy oh boy, do we have the perfect SKAA transmitter for you!

Izabella works with all iPhones, iPads and iPods with a 30-pin connector running iOS 7 or later.

It's even compatible with iPod Nano and iPod Classic (those with 30-pin connectors); and those little dickenses don’t even run iOS in there.

We modelled the shape of Izabella after Apple’s own 30-pin cable end, so nearly all skins and covers already include a hole of sufficient size for Izabella.

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NO PAIRING. Yup. Fasten your seat belts — it's a brave new paradigm we like to call “ridiculously easy” — that’s not the original version of that tag line, but it's the one we're running with. Plain and simple: we got rid of pairing because it's awkward and people don’t like it. With SKAA, the receivers (speakers / headphones) are in charge of selecting which transmitter to listen to. So relax, on the transmitter side, there’s nothing to do — it's Miller time.

No buttons, no lights. The last thing we wanted to do was saddle you with more work! That’s why we spent so much time huddled around a whiteboard figuring out how to remove all buttons and LED lights. In a big way, Izabella’s awesomeness flows from what it’s not. — You need to push nothing. Watch nothing.

Izabella cares neither if there's Wi-Fi around, nor if your circumstances have blessed you with the password. You could be strolling around the Sea of Tranquility and Izabella will still do its job, flawlessly transporting your precious audio to its destinations.

ALL APPS! That's right; Izabella sends the audio from YOUR favourite app to your SKAA speakers and headphones. Example: Use Izabella with my favourite app, AmpKit+ and an iRig from IK Multimedia — and play your electric guitar right through your SKAA speakers or headphones. Oh yeah, baby!

Range is 15 meters indoors. That's almost 50 feet. Outdoors it can be way more.

Sends audio to up to four SKAA speakers and/or headphones at the same time. Compare that with Bluetooth, which can only send audio to one, solitary device (speaker or headphone). But that’s standard Bluetooth, you say. That’s the stock stuff — what if I get the Bluetooth that’s pimped out with extras??

Pimped-out Bluetooth. Mostly, it's done all wrong. Buying speakers / headphones with not-really-Bluetooth add-ons means your phone may also require those exact same not-really-Bluetooth add-ons in order for those extra features to work. So the extras might not work with your particular phone. You’re liable to end up with speakers which are mega complicated, confusing to set up, and on which your audio is delayed by close to one whole second. This renders your speakers worse than useless for watching Netflix, YouTube — pretty much all video (think really bad lip-sync kung fu movie). Forget about playing instruments in GarageBand and you might as well walk the plank in Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Sucks. If pimped-out Bluetooth is really your thang, check out SKAA's Nadja tech. Nadja doesn't suck. For sure it will work with your phone/tablet and everyone tells us it's the bitchinest pimped-out Bluetooth available in this solar system.

Use up to five SKAA transmitters (Izabella and/or other types) in your house at the same time. Five sources with four speakers each, that’s up to 20 speakers in your house — woot woot!

Audio quality is a honking 480 kbps (compare to iTunes Store standard 256 kbps).

On iOS devices, Izabella requires our SKAA cmd app which is easy to download from the iTunes store — and it's free! There’s a link to it on our Support page. SKAA cmd has some very cool extra features, but if you’d like to share your Izabella with random folks at a party who don’t have SKAA cmd loaded on their 30-pin devices, drop us a line (also via our Support page) and complain vehemently. We know, Izabella is the black sheep of our otherwise-driverless family — so we carry around this shame. But drop us a line anyway. Who knows — we may become good friends!

Low latency. I mean our delay is darn low. Inconceivably low. So low in fact, as to be imperceivable by the average panda. Did you know that there are broadcast standards that publish rules about how many thousandths of a second the audio can lag the picture in a TV show or movie? You'll be happy to know that SKAA's number is way lower than the max allowed — it's about half. Boo-ya! Compare that with standard Bluetooth, which sports twice the allowed delay — how embarrassing. As a result, SKAA speakers and headphones are great for watching video and for playing games and musical instruments.

Still diggin’ the FM? I know — me too. Here’s a neat trick: plug Izabella into one of those 6th gen iPod Nanos (the one about the same size as an Apple Watch), turn on the Nano’s radio, and fill your whole house with the glorious sound of vintage FM! [You’ll need to plug in your ear buds into the Nano too, because—believe it or not—they double as the FM antenna.]

Keep in mind, Izabella has no internal battery of its own — it doesn’t need one since the iPhone, iPad or iPod provides all the juice it needs. Izabella uses about the same amount of power as Bluetooth so turn off your Bluetooth and plug in your Izabella and call it even!