Lots of great audio brands put SKAA wireless into their speakers and headphones because they really believe their customers want awesome. A number of those products are listed right here on this page. If you see something you like, click the link and that will take you to the brand’s website where you can learn even more about each product and where you can buy it.

SKAA is being adopted by new brands all the time. With so many great new products now rolling out, we bet you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. And when you get your mitts on one of these bad boys, you can go ahead and ignore the instructions. SKAA receivers just work. Right out of the box. No reading required. Chalk one up for ease-of-use.


Interested in learning more about how SKAA receivers work? Read on to get yourself fully dipped in our receiver sauce!

There are two sides to SKAA. No, not a dark side and a light side… a transmit side and a receive side! The transmit side throws your audio; using a transmitter which you plug in to your phone, tablet, notebook, or other audio source. The receive side catches your audio; using a SKAA receiver chip which is built right into speakers, headphones, amplifier boxes, and so forth.

There’s no pairing. Yup. Fasten your seat belts — it's a brave new paradigm we like to call “ridiculously easy”. Plain and simple: we got rid of pairing because it's awkward and people don’t like it. With SKAA, “bonding”—choosing which transmitter to listen to—is done entirely from the receiver side. Yes, you have full control of SKAA from one side! Your work has just been cut in half. Don’t mention it — it’s what we do.

Who knows how to use a car radio? Nearly everybody. That’s why we made SKAA’s bonding work like the radio in your car. A car radio lets you explore the band for new stations. It lets you add and delete favourite stations. It lets you easily switch between your favourites. All of that control—total control—is done solely from the receiver side. SKAA works in exactly the same way. That’s why it’s simple and intuitive for pretty much everyone on the planet.

One Button. SKAA receivers all have a Bond Button, and it gives you total control over what transmitter you’re listening to. SKAA’s Bond Button has 3 main functions. Click — to switch between favourite transmitters. Double Click — to explore for new transmitters. Hold — to add or delete a favourite. Every receiver has a Green List on which are kept up to 10 of your favourite transmitters. Just those three things to learn, and you’re a SKAA guru.

One SKAA cell is a transmitter and up to 4 receivers. Easy to remember.

Use up to five SKAA cells in your house at the same time. Let’s see; at 4 speakers per cell, that’s 20 speakers. Not too shabby.
Range. SKAA receivers are capable of up to 50 meters (over 150 feet) indoor range when used with a 50 meter-capable SKAA transmitter. Check the range spec on both your transmitter and receiver. If the numbers are different, the smaller number will apply when you use the two of them together. Outside, range can be even more.

Nerd Notes: SKAA always does volume control at the end of the signal chain. SKAA doesn’t scale audio until the audio hits the amplifier chip in your speakers or headphones. Your precious audio travels from the source to the amp as a full-scale signal — the whole way. Volume travels separately, as data, to the end of the chain via a separate path. Volume data is used at the absolute end of the signal chain — to set the gain of the amplifier. Insisting on this approach does wonders for your sound quality — you get rich, full-resolution audio, even at low and medium volume levels. As the alpha nerds say, it's maximum signal-to-noise ratio at every volume. Or, as mom might say, these SKAA speakers don’t hiss.

Bonus feature: Red mode. Want to automatically switch between favourite transmitters without getting up out of your easy chair? Check out Red mode in the SKAA Receiver User’s Guide, downloadable from our TLC page.

Bonus feature: Clusters. Want to control both your left and right speakers with a single Bond Button? Make them into a Cluster. Learn how in the SKAA Receiver User’s Guide, downloadable from our Support page.

Nadja. Some SKAA speakers which are just coming out are made with the very latest SKAA technology, called Nadja. Nadja represents the best of both worlds: the ubiquity of Bluetooth and the superior performance of SKAA. It is so in-tastic that Nadja has its own web page here on SKAA.com, so go check it out and prepare to have your mind totally blown.



Sometimes our SKAA-licensed brands dream up a transmitter type which we haven’t thought of yet. And why would we want to keep that from you? See what transmitters are available from our SKAA-licensed brands in the section above.

If you’d like to learn more about how SKAA transmitters work, visit our Send page.