Flexibility to Share Audio Anywhere

What do people want from their audio gear other than great sound? Mostly it’s two things. It has to be super easy to use and it has to be mega flexible. If I can use it in twelve wildly different ways this week and get 25 hours of use out of it, I’ll absolutely love it to death.

This page is all about SKAA’s legendary flexibility. Its ability to be used in, not dozens, but thousands of ways is SKAA’s biggest claim to fame.

One of the main reasons SKAA is so flexible is that it’s 100% WiFi free. While fantastic for connecting your device to the Internet, WiFi is an awkward, cumbersome albatross in audio land. We don’t like WiFi for audio because it puts massive limits on who can use the speakers, what they can be used for and where they can be used. And WiFi doesn’t support headphones. Ever seen a pair of WiFi headphones? Me neither.

Some of SKAA’s flexibility comes from its long range and low power consumption. Some comes from its multipoint capability. Some comes from its low latency and some comes from its ridiculously-easy bonding.

A huge part of SKAA’s flexibility comes from the fact that SKAA cells are meant to be combined together to effortlessly form vast, flexible audio networks. Want to run 5 SKAA cells in your house at the same time? No problemo.

If you take one human cell and have a look at it up close under a microscope, you might say to yourself —wow, looks so simple. And you’d be right. A single human cell, all by itself, is a marvel of simplicity. In fact its richness and sophistication doesn’t really become apparent until you put many cells together. SKAA works the same way.

Think of a SKAA cell as having a transmitter with up to 4 receivers bonded to it, as shown in the above picture. Very simple. Transmitters (shown as triangles) are where the audio starts out. Receivers (shown as circles) are where the audio is headed. To make them easy to see, above we've shown each SKAA cell in a different color.

Receivers can easily switch cells —all on their own. In the above animation, see how the user of a SKAA headphone effortlessly switches from one audio source to the next with the simple click of a button.  And this is just the tip of the flexibility iceberg.

SKAA cells are meant to be combined with other SKAA cells enabling you to build a rich audio network which may be rejigged in different ways on different days.  The result:  you get so much more use out of your gear.

Is SKAA the most flexible wireless audio on the planet?  That's what our users tell us.  Please drop us a line on the TLC page and tell us what you think —we want to hear about your SKAA experience!

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