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A big WELCOME to! SKAA is the new standard for wireless audio. Ever wonder why those gigawhopper wireless technologies you've got in your phone, tablet and notebook—to be brutally frank—suck so badly at wireless audio? It's actually not their fault. They were never designed to do it in the first place. The challenges of streaming wireless audio, as it turns out, are very, very different from what those gigawhoppers are good at. But now there's SKAA. We designed SKAA from the ground up to do just one thing: Wireless Audio.  Thanks for visiting our site —you are very welcome here and we want to hear from you! Please drop us a note on Facebook or on the TLC page and give us some piece of mind. ;)


SKAA Transmitters work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, TVs plus just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack — including your turntable and that dusty old walkman you refuse to throw out. Transmitters are small devices which send the audio you give them out to speakers and headphones using SKAA’s rock-solid wireless. Speakers made with SKAA Nadja technology give you the best of both worlds — awesome SKAA performance, plus they work with Bluetooth, too.

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Check the growing list of audio brands fielding SKAA speakers and headphones — these are all either selling at retail already or coming soon. Some brands also offer SKAA receiver boxes; line out versions which can upgrade your trusty stereo, plus amplified versions which can power passive speakers you already own. What’s more, speakers made with SKAA’s Nadja technology can relay Bluetooth audio to a whole network of SKAA speakers — yes you heard right, Bluetooth to 5 speakers !

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